My Childhood Dreamland

I recently joined a womens photography group in Carmel, CA called PhotoSaga. Its a very diverse group of women ages 7-70 that meet up to inspire and be inspired. The group is headed by Carol Henry a very accomplished fine art photogrpher from Los Angeles who recently moved to carmel. When Carol asked me to join the goup I was very interested and after the first class I was very excited! Our first assignment was to create imagry based on our first creative memories. 

When I was little I used draw a woman with long hair in a long dress standing peacefully in a forest. My first instinct however was to photograph in my friends orchard in Big Sur. She has a beautiful flowering Plum tree that had recently caught my attention. When I called Heather she exclaimed, "Its the Plum Tree's 70th Birthday" which turns out was the best was to celebrate this tree that has given so much in 70 years. The same tree heather used to play in as a child would now inspire my own memories of childhood with a simple and romantic photoshoot of my friend Jacky, wearing my dress by cocoon in LA. There may even be an edible magazine feature on this tree so stay tuned and stay inspired!