Rainy weather soup recipe!

Did you know the German word for potato is also earth apple? 


Enjoy this delicious winter soup with Leeks, Apples and Pumpkin. 

I am finally settling into my new apartment in dreamy Pacific Grove and I am on a new kick to spend and drive less! 

It was 11am right before a storm and I needed to start making a lunch. I have beautiful leeks in my fridge and I thought I'll make potato leek soup, but I did not have potatos! Just as I was walking out the door it began to rain so I retuned to make due with what I had. 

As I looked into the kitchen I saw a beautiful pumpkin left over from thanksgiving. I thought, “ thats close enough to being a potato!” So I began. 

What I love about soups are the broth. Especially when I am borderline catching a cold and am tempted to walk into a noodle bar. I am always a little worried about their ingredients though so I tend to lay off until I am totally desperate or until I make a soup of my own!

Heres the recipe for what turned out to be a beautiful Thai-like pumpkin soup. 

1. Sautee four thickly sliced stalks of Leeks in one tbs coconut oil and 4 tbs olive oil. Beware of dirt! try to cut up as much as the green stem as you can. 

2. Add any dried herbs available, sage, thyme, rosemary. 

3. One rustic apple in thick chunks, and half a small pumpkin. I can’t figure out what these guys are called, some say Hubbard, some say Golden nugget or amber cup but I am sure they are the tastiest. Almost reddish orange in color.

4. I sautéed the ingredients until glazed and added a cup of water and a tbs of himalayan sea salt. Put the lid on and let it summer. I was going to go buy a quart of Bone broth to add in but as it started raining I was discouraged. So I added another 4 or 5 cups of water and let it simmer with a few chillies I had collected from he late harvest garden. 

Upon serving I added about two shots of ginger juice which I acquired my clients at the Central Coast Juicery in Pacific Grove and one half a lemon with pulp. Then I realized I could even add some fresh cilantro which I failed to do before eating but man what a great soup! I just had to share. 

Love from the hearth <3




ps. makes four servings :)